Clinical Skills Log: Moving beyond the red book

Moving beyond the red book

Currently, many 3rd & 4th year medical students around the US are required to document the skills they learn on rotations in a little red book called the "clinical skills log".

The Clinical Skills Log app intends to replace this book and go beyond it by providing a digital record that is fast and convenient for both the student and the teacher.


  1. View each rotation's suggested skills with the tap of a button. 
  2. See how many skills remain to be completed 
  3. Sign and lock completed skills
  4. Save information to iCloud for safe keeping
  5. Quickly view which skills still have to be completed and signed
  6. Export individual task reports and complete task report to PDF

Future Development

As more students begin to use CSL and I receive more feedback about what is helpful, I may add more features that focus on communication and collaboration. Here are some ideas.

  1. Messaging between users
  2. Faculty version that has admin control & a dashboard to see where students are progressing or lagging behind.
  3. Physician version with signature feature so student can message a completed task to the physician and have them sign and provide feedback directly within the app.
  4. Note taking for each skill or task
  5. Ability to add your own list of tasks with categories, notes, deadlines, and other information.
  6. iPhone & iPad support